Tell A Friend About Alcohemy (anonymously)

Help a friend with alcohol addictionAt times, even the best of us need a little push in the right direction… for our own good.

…and occasionally what others can plainly see about us, we appear blinded to, or cover our eyes from.

Being a good friend, at times requires us to say and do things that make us uncomfortable, though we know they are in the best interest of someone we care about.

If you know someone you care about (or even a friend of theirs), that has an alcohol dependence that you believe needs attention, it may be in their best interest if you make your friend aware I can help resolve that situation…in a private and discreetway.

By clicking the button below and placing your friend’s first name and email address in the pop-up window, I will send them a sensitively-written email letting them know that “someone that cares about them” thinks they would benefit from “browsing around my Alcohemy website”.

I don’t need to know your details to do this, nor does my system store their details…it just sends a ‘one-off’ email and that’s it. You have done your best as a good friend and the rest is up to them if they choose to visit my site, or simply ignore the email.

Below, you can see a copy of the subtle and non-intrusive email, which will be sent purely as information, to the friend you are trying to help.

I hope you find it in your heart and the courage to give your friend that gentle nudge to a happier life.



Copy of Email Sent

Subject Line:

Your friend asked me to contact you

Body Text:

Sometimes love and support comes in the most unexpected ways. Even though at times it may appear like a bolt from the blue, it is likely that is exactly what we need at that time.

At this particular time someone that knows and cares about you, believes you (or someone close to you), may benefit from having a browse around my Alcohemy website.

Don’t worry your anonymity has been preserved, as my system has not stored your name or email address (nor any details of the person that is thinking about you).

Sometimes when the universe knocks to offer us an opportunity, we should at least open the door.

Have a look around my website at … there’s a lot of valuable information there and if I can be of more service to you let me know.

Our life is the result of our choices … so choose wisely.

Yours in health & happiness,
David Norman
Founder of Alcohemy Pty Ltd and

Be the Master of your fate; the Captain of your soul