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Online Video Program

  • 13 separate step-by-step videos
  • Detailed guide for alcoholism rehab
  • Access to member’s only forum
  • Eliminate harmful binge drinking
  • Changes how you think about alcohol use
  • Reduce or Eliminate alcohol cravings
  • Strategies for dealing with others‘ reactions
  • Eliminate fears about giving up alcohol

Private Consultation

  • David will consult with the client for up to 60 minutes to review and discuss the client‘s finished or partly completed Alcohemy workbook entries
  • These discussions will provide the client with advice on the Alcohemy process and how their particular workbook entries align to this process.
  • Conducted via Skype video, or audio only if preferred. David will contact the customer to schedule a time that best suits both.

Corporate Presentation

  • Beneficial for Government and Small Business employees, community groups.
  • It will Explain that an alcohol dependence is just a culturally accepted habit that has been lost control of and that many people are ‘functional alcoholics’ without admitting it.
  • To help attendees appreciate that it’s not just an OK choice to live an alcohol-free lifestyle… it is the very best choice for ALL areas of their life.


  1. I have just finished listening to David Norman’s audiobook and have worked my way through the elements. I have to say as a therapeutic process this has been invaluable. I used the audiobook because I work full time and any spare time I had in the evening was usually spent with a glass of wine in my hand. The audiobook enabled me to listen to the book while driving to work and, with the additional materials on the website, it was extremely easy to work through the elements. I found the book very powerful. It helped me to view my drinking in a different light and to get to the bottom of why I had developed this destructive pattern. My only criticism would be that David advocates counting the days, weeks, months then years from when you stop. I would say that the program feels so freeing that this is unecessary. Read/listen to the book, work through the elements focusing on your personal journey then….stop drinking and get on with your life! You are depriving yourself of nothing and only have everything to gain. I was the typical young, professional career woman. I would come in after a stressful/hard/easy/great day at work and get stuck into a bottle of wine (at least) every evening. I would go to bed sozzled and wake up with a hangover ready to struggle through the next day at work and so the cycle continued. If I had a meeting or a presentation the following day it would be even worse. I started experiencing anxiety at the thought of being in a closed room expected to contribute. To block the nervousness out I would drink more on an evening then suffer terribly the next day trying to rid myself of the feeling I needed to vomit. My self confidence and self esteem were at rock bottom. It became a standing joke that I would go bright red when talking in meetings which was mortifying. When I was younger I was so confident and fearless and gradually this had demised so that at the age of 37 I can barely speak to my boss without blushing. Alcohol has really affected my performance and I have been known to ring in sick when there is a presentation or a meeting and I am suffering a particularly bad bout of anxiety. I have mnanaged to hide the extent of my problem and as a very senior staff member I am still considered very good at my job but I know I could be so much better. Now, just the fact that I know I have stopped drinking has improved my self esteem, my ability to communicate in a confident and articulate manner and getting back to the person I was a few years ago feels wonderful! The effects of alcohol are insidious – they creep up gradually so you don’t notice until you get to a point where you realise that you are not the same person you used to be and alcohol isn’t that much fun. At this point however, you are in its grip. All your social life revolves around alcohol. Your friends and family are likely to be drinkers and stopping in this environment seems impossible. I say just do it! Make your commitment to yourself and recognise how important you are. Quitting is definitely the best decision I have ever made in my life. Alcohol has only ever taken from me. Now it’s time for me to reclaim and rebuild what has been lost.

    • Hi Claire

      Well done! You have done something that many others fear and don’t find the courage to do (and I know it does take courage) and that is to to take decisive and committed action. You can be justifiably very proud of your achievement so far. Your story is an inspiration to others sitting on the fence regarding seeking help with their alcohol dependence.

      Your comment about keeping count of the ‘days sober’ is a very important one and thank you for raising it. In my book I actually say that it is one of the reasons I personally didn’t choose to go to a place like AA (though I support their efforts), beacause I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life ‘counting the days I hadn’t had a drink‘. I wanted a process that removes the desire for alcohol, so I could be free from thinking about it again – and that’s is what happened using the process I developed for me.

      However, to get to that stage though (for people unsure of their ability to succeed), having periodic milestones to confirm and reward their success can be a great motivation and confidence-booster. You will have noticed (from my book), my milestones were only daily during the first week, then jumped to weekly for a month, then monthly for 3 months, then 6 months etc. This is good for record-keeping, though in reality I stopped thinking about needing a drink much earlier in my alcohol-free journey. Not keeping milestones for long may work well for you and I, though there will be some that want to keep ticking off anniversaries for much longer. It’s been well over 5 years since I stopped desiring alcohol, though I only marked my periodic milestones for the first year.

      Again, you’ve done a fantastic job in turning your life around and you (and your family, friends and colleagues) will continue to reap the rewards for the rest of your life. I fully appreciate your comments about how much your self-esteem improves when you know you don’t need alcohol anymore (you are confident and happy being the real you).

      Best wishes Claire and would love to chat more about your story… perhaps in my forum area 🙂 I’m sure others would love to hear it!

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