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    • Hi Reba, very observant 🙂 I was wondering how many people may question that.
      That interview was done in the same room that I shot my video transformation program. When I designed my house I virtually designed the bar & entertainment room, then built the house around it. Afer all that was back in my drinking days and it was the primary focus in my life and the feature of our house.
      It’s been over 7 wonderful years since I drank, though the room looks pretty much the same as it did back then (except for the equipment I have in there now to shoot my video clips).

      Its actually is a great testament to my alcohol-free transformation, in that I can have alcohol around me and not be tempted in the slightest way to drink it. You see my two adult sons drink alcohol with their mates, so do most of our friends, and my wife has the occasional glass of wine if we have friends over. That room has a pool table, dart board, table tennis table and TV in it, so it still gets used when we entertain guests. A good mate of mine (who drinks) and I use the room when he comes over to watch some football games.

      The whole point of the way I structured my Alcohemy program was to remove the desire and need to use alcohol, even if it was right in front of you and easily available. Not to have to be on guard or run and hide from it in case you get tempted. Some of those bottles would have been mine from years gone by and others would be my sons’. Either way I am quite comfortable having them there for others to partake if they wish.

      It’s all about choices and just because I choose to live alcohol-free doesn’t mean I condemn others for drinking. In fact when I see others drinking and in various states of intoxication, it just makes me realise what a great decision I made to live without the need for alcohol, and it lifts my self-esteem even higher 🙂

      Having those bottles there are almost like trophies to my fantastic success!

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