David Norman reveals to his sons how his alcohol abuse led to infidelity

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As a scientist by training, I was rather skeptical when I realized that this book is basically a personal story. A case of one can be misleading. All of us are unique and different, and what works for David may well only work for him. What convinces me is experimental evidence, controls and comparisons. However, as I read on, I became more and more impressed. Either David is a genius who invented all this, or he has trained himself very well indeed in the fine details of psychotherapy. I have worked as a counselling psychologist since 1991, and a great deal of the contents of this book could have come from my case notes with clients. I have not found a single statement in Alcohemy that is not evidence-based. The method described in this book worked for David, and will work for you, because it is best psychotherapeutic practice. At the same time, it is new and novel. Like everyone else, until I read Alcohemy, I believed that an alcoholic can only become a dry alcoholic, because the condition is a disease, as stated by AA. I agreed with the general assessment that many years of abstinence can be broken if an alcoholic takes a drink, even unknowingly. The urge, the desire is always there in the background. David has convinced me that it is possible to get rid of this urge, this desire to drink alcohol, and by implication to get rid of any other addiction. I have started to apply David’s ideas in my therapeutic practice, and hope the book will be widely enough known that it becomes the new accepted wisdom.

Dr. Bob Rich MSc, PhD, MAPS

Company : Member of the Australian Psychological Society
Designation : Counselling Psychologist

David has done his research well. There is nothing contrary to what I as a psychologist would be encouraging people to do. I have encouraged clients to get onto the alcohemy site especially people who are very private and less likely to attend other groups. I have bought and lent the Alcohemy books out to people to read and it has been so well received that people have been unwilling to part with the books. Well done David!

Annette Wenn

Company : Wenda Psychological Services
Designation : Counselling Psychologist

“Why”, “Belief” and “How” are the focus points in David’s Alcohemy. He shows how the mind is our greatest asset in changing any negative habitual behavior. David went from the very depths of alcohol dependency to blissfully alcohol-free by changing how he thought about alcohol use. Since 1934 Alcoholics Anonymous has earned a tremendous reputation world-wide for helping millions of people with addictions. Seventy-five years from now, David’s book Alcohemy will have done the same.

Bob Proctor

Company : Best-selling author, You Were Born Rich

This amazing book will truly help you see what is possible and live a richer life at the next level! When I work with my life and business planning clients, I challenge them to think differently about what is and what is possible. Then, we create the plan of action needed to get to what is possible. “Alcohemy” is a powerful life plan for people struggling with alcohol dependency, or any other negative habit. It’s clear throughout the book that David Norman is committed to helping people deal with these challenges successfully.

Linda McLean

Company : Next Level Living: Today’s Guide for Tomorrow’s Abundant Life
Designation : Speaker, Coach and International Bestselling Author

David’s Alcohemy not only reveals the real and hidden consequences of alcohol dependency, also the step-by-step process to being alcohol-free. He himself rose from the darkness and struggle to be completely free from desiring alcohol at all; simply by changing the way he thought. This should be a compelling read for all that habitually use alcohol.

Bill Harris

Company : Centerpointe Research Institute, Inc., Creators of The Holosync Solution and The Life Principles Integration Process
Designation : Director

“Powerful, life-changing! David’s open, honest approach to life, love and the road to recovery are riveting. His step-by-step process encourages and empowers the individual to take charge of their own lives, reminding them that the power to choose their own destiny is already inside them. His discreet, dignified, do-it-yourself solution is a powerful remedy for any dependency or addiction and simultaneously provides the reader confidence to repair and heal the past. Alcohemy is a true catalyst for change! David delivers his disciples from the depths of alcohol dependency, to leading a life filled with their greatest dreams and desires! Cheers to your success David!”

Michelle Corr

Company : Michelle Corr 6° on Voice America & KWSS 93.9 FM and CEO of 6° Media
Designation : Host

David’s journey through life and personal transformation has proven once again that nothing is more powerful than the mind. After years of struggle and heartache, David tapped deep into his own mind and developed his innate abilities to utilize this most powerful tool. However, he didn’t just stop once he broke through; he continually backed his efforts with positive influences and named his process Alcohemy. He now shares the secret of his personal success in the hope that others can experience the joy of living a life free from negative habitual behaviour. This is a must read for anyone concerned about creating sustained change in their life.

Michael Fitzgerald

Company : MyCause Water
Designation : Sr. Co-Founder

Alcohemy is a refreshing look into the how and why behind addiction, and David Norman’s story gives powerful insight into the role of the mind, emotion and belief in finding healing.

Dina Proctor

Company : Madly Chasing Peace
Designation : Best-Selling Author

As psychology meets operational planning, so does the force of David Norman’s solution to leaving a destructive alcohol habit in your past, expressed in his book Alcohemy, require deep self-awareness and self-determination coupled with deliberate and detailed plans for implementation. This powerful convergence if honestly adhered to, is key to your success. A truly instructional and inspirational work.

Louise Fantinel

Company : B.A., Dip. Ed., Grad. Cert. Management, Grad. Cert.
Designation : Public Sector Leadership

“I have just finished listening to David Norman’s audiobook and have worked my way through the elements. I have to say as a therapeutic process this has been invaluable. I used the audiobook because I work full time and any spare time I had in the evening was usually spent with a glass of wine in my hand. The audiobook enabled me to listen to the book while driving to work and, with the additional materials on the website, it was extremely easy to work through the elements. I found the book very powerful. It helped me to view my drinking in a different light and to get to the bottom of why I had developed this destructive pattern….. Quitting is definitely the best decision I have ever made in my life. Alcohol has only ever taken from me. Now it’s time for me to reclaim and rebuild what has been lost.”


Designation : Alcohemy participant

“Thank you! I’m almost finished with your book, and I’ve already learned so much about myself from the way you’ve put things in perspective for me. I’m really hoping I can stop drinking with your help. It’s a very inspirational book as well. I’m the same type of drinker that you were. Though not everyday, or all the time, but just not knowing when to stop. I’m a good person with a really bad habit that has cause many problems in my relationships and the choices I have made. I’m really tired of being stupid and regretting things I do and have done in the past. I’m looking forward to becoming a better person and someone my children and others can be proud of. Thank you again for writing such “real” book about alcoholism and the effects on everything in your life.”


Designation : Alcohemy participant

“I visit the site twice daily. It has provided me with insight and inspiration to keep off the grog! I have been sober for 7 months now. Good news!”

No Name Provided

Designation : Alcohemy participant

“Finally a book with a plan. A well thought out, systematic road map to sobriety with freedom and joy. David has told his story with candor and heartfelt honesty that touched me and showed me that I’m not only not alone in my experience with alcohol but I’m also not sick, have any disease and most of all I do NOT have a life sentence of constantly being vigilant to abstain. Armed with the facts, I now see it for what it was and what it is. David has given me a road map to explore who I really am, where I lost myself and the reasons I thought I needed to take a drink or drug to feel “better’. Alcohol blocked who I was and what I was experiencing, it didn’t do anything else. This step by step program, revealed to me that all I ever wanted was to be me again. I had no idea that alcohol is what hid me from me. I am radiant, happy, joyful and free and I have NO desire to screw that up by returning to alcohol of any kind. Thank you David! Cheers!”


Designation : Alcohemy participant

Working with David Norman is a pleasure. His dedication and enthusiasm towards helping others is evident in every conversation we’ve shared. He is honest and forthcoming about his struggles, and readers will gravitate towards his method for overcoming their alcohol dependence.

Lyza Poulin

Company : Morgan James Publishing
Designation : Managing Editor