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  • Based on real life successful experience
  • 13 Element step-by-step alcohol treatment program
  • WHY, Belief, & How aspects of resolving alcohol dependence
  • Described as “Best Psycho-Therapeutic Practice”

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Based on my personal journey; years of alcohol-related frustration, subsequent research, self-education and successful transformation to a joyful permanent alcohol-free lifestyle, the book incorporates a 13-element program that will guide you step by step through your own process of becoming alcohol-free, thus enabling you to lead a far more rewarding and joyous life also.

Part One: Exposing Alcohol Dependency

Chapter 1 – What the Brew Will Do to You

What the Brew Will Do to You This chapter highlights that despite the cultural acceptance and even active promotion of alcohol in many countries, it is a substance that is causing serious consequences of epic proportions. This chapter reveals some shocking statistics about alcoholism, binge drinking and consequences of alcohol abuse that demonstrate it is a hidden epidemic. For example according to WHO statistics there are 400 million with alcohol-related problems globally and the social cost of alcohol use was approximately US $216 billion in the United States (2000) and US $5.2 billion in Australia (1998). I also discuss the types of serious, everyday types of consequenced alcohol abuse leads to.

Chapter 2 – My Personal Struggle with Alcohol Dependency

My Personal Struggle with Alcohol Dependency, Here I relate my own personal journey on how I came to habitually depend on alcohol to ‘feel good‘ and escape my reality. How an ordinary hard working, well-mannered country boy could go on to develop into an alcoholic, regardless of being a genuinely nice person at the care. It covers my alcohol dependence journey from a young age, through college and into my married and family life. It highlights just how stealthily it can turn from a bit of fun and relaxation, into alcoholism that lead to very serious consequences (including infidelity). It also contains some interesting alcohol facts about how alcohol effects the brain and body in the short term and the long term affects of alcohol use.

Chapter 3 – Searching for a Remedy

Searching for a Remedy This chapter highlights just how personal of a problem being a functional alcoholic can be. How the inner turmoil can eat away at the person as they don’t want to really admit how bad it has become, yet the continual negative consequences and symptoms of alcoholism, keep saying otherwise. I describe the failed ways I tried to ‘manage’ my alcohol use and limit binge drinking and explain why trying to manage alcohol consumption was never going to be successful. Trying to stop an alcohol dependence, while you really do want to keep drinking is not the best way to be successful. In this chapter I describe how I came to discover the real secret of how to change myself from the inside out and which ultimately lead to my success.

Chapter 4 – The Remedy Revealed

The Remedy Revealed In this chapter I present an overview of my successful Alcohemy solution to alcohol dependence and how each element reflects the main key ingredients of why, how, and belief. I believe that the belief aspect is missing from other alcohol treatment programs that assume an alcohol dependence is an irreversible condition you can only at best manage on the surface. I also give scientific and anecdotal evidence on just how powerful the human mind is when you find a big enough ‘why’ to do something, and combine that with the ‘belief’ you can do, then have a proven step by step ‘how‘ to accomplish it. If you’re an alcoholic looking for how to quit drinking, stop binge drinking or end alcohol abuse, then you really need to read this chapter.

Part Two: The Alcohemy Process

Element 1. Your Journey’s History

As part of the ‘Why’ element of how to quit drinking, you need to understand why you formed your alcohol dependence and just how much it affects all areas of your life. In this Element I use a peat analogy of the ‘Alcohol Weed‘ to explain some alcohol facts and the cycle of alcohol dependence. How seemingly innocent association in childhood years planted the seeds for your alcohol dependence… and how you influence loved ones around you. I explain how paramount it is to recognize and break free from past issues is so important to change from an alcoholic and to stop drinking. I also reveal why past healthy pleasures are key to your present alcoholic transformation.

Element 2. Record Your Associations with Alcohol

In this Element you delve deeper into your early exposure and associations to alcohol and understand how they formed your desire to use alcohol to achieve certain things. There are some specific questions for you to find answers to that will be used to complete your alcohol dependence transformation.

Element 3. Record Your Life Values

To make permanent changes to your life (and certainly with alcohol dependence), these changes have to be congruent with your inner values. Most people haven’t really taken quality time to stop and really examine what their core values are and put a name to them. This Element discusses this process and gets you to reveal yours. They are essential to the formation of your transformation plan to stop drinking permanently.

Element 4. Record What Alcohol Does For You

This is a very important Element where it really questions whether your alcohol use really does what you think it does for you. I discuss the effects of alcohol on your mind and body and how it changes your perception of reality. I also reveal that what most people use alcohol for, is actually the very worst reason to have alcohol, and by doing so how it actually moves you further away from what you really want. This Element also discusses your all-important emotional Lifeometer and taking responsibility for your life.

Element 5. Record the Effects of Ceasing Your Habit

Are you someone that is more motivated to take action to move towards something you really want, or away from something you really don’t like? This Element looks at all the possible results (both good and bad), if you were to stop drinking or had no alcohol abuse. This exercise is personalized to your own current circumstances.

Element 6. Record the Effects of NOT Ceasing Your Habit

It is very important to cover all the bases regarding your alcohol dependence. This Element helps do this and when you look at things from the opposite viewpoint, you become aware of thoughts and realizations that you may not have considered earlier. You need to leave no stone un-turned if you are to be successful to permanently stop alcohol abuse.

Element 7. Record Total Effects of Consuming Alcohol versus Current Values

In this Element, you will be able to gain a complete view of the combined perceived benefits and actual disadvantages you get from your habit of drinking alcohol. The semi-automated workbook I have available on the website will do this for you. By clearly weighing up all the pros and cons your alcohol abuse it will be a huge motivator to stop drinking alcohol when you see just how lopsided the list is.

Element 8. Record and Replace the Fears That Are Holding You Back

The belief that you need to consume alcohol to achieve some of the states of mind and accomplishments that you desire, elicits fear when you contemplate changing that habit. Contemplating and confronting your fears is a key element in any change, and certainly for an alcoholic that is serious about knowing how to quit drinking. In this Element we examine the fears you have about giving up alcohol, that are based on your old and current beliefs. I discuss many fears people have about quitting alcohol and strategies to overcome be as prepared as possible for as many of the changes

Element 9. Record Your Current Actions Involving Alcohol and Replace Them with New Actions

This Element is a crucially important part of the pre-quitting process. There are significant physical and psychological changes required to stop drinking alcohol and consequences to these changes. You need to be as prepared as possible for all of the changes. I discuss lots of topics like; what your triggers for alcohol use are, what causes cravings, helpful foods and nutrition, and strategies on how to deal with all these.

Element 10. Prepare Answers to Likely Questions and Statements Regarding Your New Habit

I’m certain one of the fears you will have is how your family, friends and ‘drinking buddies‘ will react when you stop drinking alcohol. This was a major fear of mine that I was so glad that I prepared for well in advance. In this Element I discuss why it is difficult, for not only you to change, also why friends and social groups you are a part of, may also have a difficulty in accepting your desire to change for the better. We think that everyone should have our best interest at heart… but it isn’t always so. I reveal some great strategies to deal with this and turn your initial fear into motivation.

Element 11. Write Your Commitment Statement

If you are really serious about not being an alcoholic and permanently ending your alcohol dependence, then you need to write one of these. This is not an ‘objective’ nor ‘statement of intention‘ and I explain the difference between them in this Element. I also advise you what ‘must‘ be in your personalized commitment statement.

Element 12. Document and Reward Milestones

Planning your milestones and rewards for reaching them is an extremely important activity if you are to successfully navigate both your psychological and physical journey to alcohol freedom. The information I reveal in this Element relates strongly to the ‘belief’ and ‘how‘ components of my Alcohemy alcohol treatment program. You need to have both your mind and body expecting success at every step along the way so it is critical to have this plan tailor made to your personal circumstances before you start to ‘stop drinking‘.

Element 13. Plan Your Start Date and Start

Choosing a date to stop drinking alcohol should not be a random pick or on a whim. There are a lot of considerations to be made and choosing an inappropriate time can lead to a disheartening failed attempt. In this Element I discuss important factors to consider that will enhance your success.

Conclusion: The Power of Alcohemy

This is a short, yet powerful reflection of just how much difference having the courage to change my old cultural alcohol dependence, has made to my and my family’s life. How I was able to turn from a frustrated, embarrassed and constantly stressed alcoholic, to a content, relaxed, completely in control alcohol-free person with very high self-esteem, has been the best thing I have ever done with my life and something I will always be very proud of. My family, friends and colleagues now look up to me as someone that chose to do something that most people balk at, despite knowing it is best for them. The joy of living alcohol-free is a feeling that everyone that has an alcohol dependence should find the courage to commit to.


  1. I have closely read the book twice now, and I highly recommend you read it at least once through before starting it the second time to actually work the program. If you decide to participate in the video program and associated website activities, such as the blog and community & support forums, it is still best to have read the book at least once through before you embark.

    I continue to use the book on an almost daily basis. I find that when I need a little support when working the program and especially after finishing the program that it provides great inspiration for me to continue with my efforts of being alcohol free. Just pick up the book, and open it to any page, and you will be able to read a paragraph or two that speaks to what you need just at that moment. The paperback is very portable, and you can take it along to appointments or other places where you have to wait so you can always have a little reinforcement, encouragement, or insight wherever you are!

    • Yes Reba. I was only just explaining to another person who is wanting to do the video program, that it would be extremely benefical to have read (or listened to) the book first. Combining the two gives the best overall coverage of information and inspiration to assist in your journey to alcohol freedom success. I’m glad you have backed that up here.

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