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Founder of Alcohemy Pty Ltd; Developer of the revolutionary Alcohemy process; and author of the book ALCOHEMY: The Solution to Ending Your Alcohol Habit for Good — Privately, Discreetly, and Fully in Control.

“Oh shit, it’s happened again! What did I do last night? I can’t remember. Jeez, I hope I didn’t do or say anything to embarrass myself or my wife. Think, man, think! Bloody hell, I hate it when I drink too much and can’t remember what’s happened. I can’t keep doing this to myself…or her. But what the hell do I do? I don’t believe I could ever stop drinking completely.”


I have to say it was more out of necessity than anything else. I didn’t set out to help alcoholics around the world as some humanitarian quest. Basically I had a serious alcohol dependence, or was a functioning alcoholic as most call it, though I loathed the term ‘alcoholic’ and it is one of the reasons I developed my do-it-yourself process to stop drinking You see I was desperately sick of all the embarrassing consequences of my alcohol drinking, yet was too proud and fearful of being branded an ‘alcoholic‘ to ever consider going to Alcoholics (AA) or seeking other public-type help. I was even too embarrassed to discuss my drinking problem with my family doctor. To me an ‘alcoholic‘ was a dirty and ragged person drinking out of a bottle in a brown paper bag and was also more than likely jobless and homeless. I was a respectable, well-paid staff manager with a nice home and caring family. There was no way in hell I was going to classed as an ‘alcoholic‘. To me, AA was for confirmed alcoholics, so going to a place like that was completely out of the question for me.

I knew I was quite intelligent and very analytically minded, though for the life of me I couldn’t work out why I kept drinking too much every day and getting drunk and causing embarrassing consequences all too often. After many tried and failed strategies to ‘manage’ my alcohol abuse I reached my tipping point and knew I had to stop drinking altogether. See, before that I never believed I could ever stop drinking alcohol altogether. That idea just didn’t compute in my brain… to me it just wasn‘t possible. However, by the time I reached my peak level of frustration, I had read enough personal development material and research on how the human mind and spirit worked, that I actually started to believe I might be able to quit drinking alcohol completely. I was sick of my failed alcohol abuse ‘management’ strategies.

Now the thought of quitting alcohol really scared me, because I had no concept of what living without alcohol would be like for me. I conjured up all sorts of unhappy scenarios in my mind of living as a teetotaler. However, my strong analytical skills kicked in and realised I would have to change the way I thought about alcohol and its importance to me, if I ever wanted to be alcohol-free and actually be happy about it. It was at this time my mind started plotting and planning on how I could remove my ‘desire‘ for alcohol and also deal with every challenge I thought I may face in giving up alcohol.

The rest is history. I planned as much as possible in advance, suped-up my positive attitude and improvised and adjusted my plan necessary. The result was my 13-element Alcohemy ‘stop drinking’ process and I haven‘t had a desire to use alcohol or any other external substance to feel good ever since.



For me to permanently change my life-long habitual alcohol abuse, I knew I had to change myself at a deep level. It would be critical that I change my thinking about alcohol use at my very core.

Instead of just running on automatic, habitual behaviour, I knew I had to closely examine ‘why’ I started and continued to drink alcohol… and ‘why’ I would be better off if I quit drinking. I also knew that ‘belief’ of success was essential for actual success. Up until then my belief was that it was impossible for me to live happily without drinking alcohol, and I needed to develop the belief I could be very happy living alcohol-free. Next I knew I needed a personal, tailormade, step-by-step plan of ‘how’ to quit drinking alcohol, that prepared me for every challenge I could possibly encounter.

These 3 critical components of Why, Belief and How, were essential for me to make the permanent changes at both the psychological and physical level. I had to make deep, lasting changes from the inside out, to permanently lose my desire for alcohol and not feel as if I was missing out on something ‘good’.

The successful alcohol treatment program I developed covers these 3 components in detail and tailors them to your own specific individual circumstances, so you too will have the power to succeed.


As a functioning alcoholic before giving up alcohol, I suffered many serious and ongoing subtle consequences of my alcohol abuse. Some of these were, serious relationship problems, poor role model to my children, excess spending on alcohol-related activities and gambling, feeling sick and hungover from alcohol poisoning, always tired every morning, time off work, lack of motivation, poor self-esteem, mood swings during and after drinking, depression about alcoholism, alcohol withdrawal symptoms, embarrassing behaviour when drinking alcohol, constant stress about my drinking problem, regular binge drinking leading very poor decision-making.

As soon as I completed my own Alcohemy transformation process I started to reap the rewards of being alcohol-free. Actually, from the first day I made my solemn commitment to stop drinking, I began to see benefits. Generally my rewards were a reversal of ALL the negative consequences mentioned above. Certainly over the subsequent 10+ years I have experienced, no desire to use alcohol… for ANY reason, a fantastic, loving relationship with my wife and children, great health and fitness, no wasted money on alcohol or related expenses, never feeling hungover or tired in the mornings, a great night’s sleep (and don‘t use an alarm to get up early), a great sense of accomplishment and self-esteem, no stress or having to worry about poor or embarrassing behaviour, people now look up to me for living alcohol-free, always have a clear mind and good judgement, endless energy and motivation (and I’m 55).


  1. OMG. This is brilliant.. I’am an alcoholic chef now on disability pension.. I want to be normal again without alcohol.. I’ve tried so many detox both as in & out patient over 20yrs but always fail.. I will never go back to AA for many reasons, but hope this could help me.. Please contact me.. I live on (location moderated).
    Cheers C (name moderated)

    • Thanks for contacting me. I have sent you a reply email to offer further information on how I can help you.

      All comments get held for moderation by me, before I release them to be shown on the comments page. I thought I would edit out both your full name and location that you submitted, as they would have been able to be seen by other site visitors. I hope you don’t mind.
      All ‘comment’ forms have written above (and below) them that the comments/questions will be public. If people want to send me a personal/private message please use the form on the Contact page, as it only goes to me and doesn’t get published on my site.

      I have lots of info on my website explaining what I have been through and what I do to help others achieve the results I did. If you haven’t already, I urge you watch the 20min preview video on the Video Program Preview page. If you like that you can watch the whole 1 hour 14min Introduction video for free. If you still like what you see, the next step is to join the program and let me help you through it.

      To become permanently and happily alcohol-free (without fighting cravings for the rest of your life), the first step is transforming your current psychological beliefs about alcohol and what it ‘really does (and doesn’t) do for you. My video program covers that in detail.

      Have a good look around my site and watch the preview video and let me know how I can best help you. If you truly desire to lead a happy alcohol-free lifestyle it IS possible 🙂

      Let me know if you have any further questions by replying to the email I sent you.

      Warm wishes,

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